• A strong foundation sets the stage for value.

    QuickBooks Online Accounting

    Complete financial record-keeping, online.

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    Tax Planning and Tax Returns

    Tax-efficient strategies for every dentist.

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    Personalized Business Strategy

    Business strategy tailored to your practice.

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    Welcome to Trident CPA Services

    The Premier CPA Firm for Dentists

    We’ll Focus on Your Financials, You Focus on Your Patients

    Trident is a CPA firm focused exclusively on the needs of dentists and their practices. We serve each client as a trusted advisor in optimizing business and tax strategies.

    A Strong Financial Foundation Sets the Stage for Success.

    Businesses rely on accurate information and financial expertise to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. Trident helps you achieve your business goals by launching each client relationship with our signature, three-pronged service package:

    1. Strategic Tax and Business Planning
    Twice per year, we meet face-to-face with each client.  You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive answers, and discuss business strategy tailored to your practice.

    2. Tax Planning and Tax Returns
    Our tax expertise, combined with dental industry experience, ensures compliant, proactive and financially effective tax preparation and filing.  We seek the most tax-efficient business strategies for each client.

    3. QuickBooks Online Accounting
    Trident manages complete financial record-keeping online, promoting collaboration with our clients.

    Our fixed-fee, baseline offering integrates Trident into the building blocks of your business so we can create value for you and your practice.